Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Burke's Peerage and Gentry

A brand new website for Burke's Peerage has just been launched. Specialists in Irish and British online genealogy,

The Origins Network (www.originsnetwork.com) have totally re-designed the Burke's Peerage Online service (www.burkes-peerage.net), making it much easier to search the rich genealogical database and to access an extraordinary range of detailed articles and essays on many aspects of the culture and traditions of the British Isles.

Definitive historical and genealogical guide to the major families.: "There are more than 1 million names in our 15,000+ records of British, Irish and American royalty, the peerage, presidential and other important families. Each has been meticulously researched by a team of professional genealogists to ensure the information is accurate, reliable and up-to-date. "

from the following collections:

Burkes Peerage & Baronetage 107th Edition, including Knights, Scottish Chiefs and Scottish Feudal Barons

Burke's Landed Gentry 19th Edition: The Kingdom in Scotland; The Ridings of York; The North West; The Principality of Wales

Burke's Landed Gentry 18th Edition

Burke's Landed Gentry Irish Families (Irish supplement to the 15th Edition of Burke's Landed Gentry)

American Families with British Ancestry

American Presidential Families

British Prime Ministers

The Atavus Subscriber Library

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