Wednesday, January 31, 2007

get on line cheaply

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

from usenet

Does anyone have a copy of the book that was made on the family farm names
for the town/area of Leka, Norway. I would like the information about my
family that is in this book, and would like to obtain a copy of this book if

My grandfather was Henrik Meyer Hartvikson, born in Leka, Norway.


RaeDel (Hartvickson)Hallock

"ask a librarian" exists in Denmark, UK and other countries by telephone and on line so why not Norway?

so lets try Google

site:no ask librarian

I don't know how to say that in Norwegian
but english words will find english language pages on norwegian sites

try the national library or a university close to the locality you are interested in - grab some maps if you don't know

good hunting

Hugh W

Llanvair Kilgeddin

Just found your family tree on Rootsweb and wondererd if you have any connections to my Joseph Watkins born in Llanvair Kilgeddin in 1840 baptised 18/10/1840 son of John Watkins and Elizabeth Johnson
Both his parents were not from Llanvair Kilgeddin but Llagarren Longrove Herefordshire, but i guess must have either known other watkins or had family living there hense having there son Joseph there,
best regards

Hello *****

Without looking at my notes or census first, I need to know occupations and addresses because in societies where patronymics from popular christian names are used, you identify people by nicknames mostly of occupation or address.

For example there may be many Jones Castle Farm, Jones the baker or Jones the post

When the welsh parish register images are on line in 2 or 3 years I hope you will help me transcribe and index them

from my email

every day I read or skim about 400 emails either to me, or on groups I subscribe to and answering publicly some of these, and writing about genealogy itself, is the theme of this blog.

That is in comparison with my MAIN BLOG (so far) GENEALOGE which is my web log of what web sites interest me, I have visited, and of news about changes and developments in the industrial, archival, volunteer and hobby sites of interest to fellow genealogists, and librarians world wide.

Mostly each blog post is a quotation from another web site, or what librarians call an abstract, with a link to enable my readers to find out more for themselves. I try and comply with accepted "fair use" as regards copyright but my citations are not in academic style but links in fact worth gold in web ratings by search engines and the rest.

Because that is my main blog I include personal news and if unwell or off line or breaking my daily posting pattern on Usenet or in a forum or group, I aim to make one post in the main blog from a friend's, a library, an archive or a hospital computer.

My main image blog is photographs and walks which is set up to accept images from my Sony Ericsson 800i videophone / mobile phone directly through the world wide 3G network

3g network - Google Search
3g network worldwide - Google Search

BTW the blogger / google spell checker does not know Ericsson
but suggests Erickson, Ericsson's, Ericson's, Eric's and Erickson's for Ericsson
Ericsson - Google Search: "about 127,000,000 hits"

checking my usages of words:-

about 13,400 for Sony Ericsson 800i "mobile phone"

about 1,430 for Sony Ericsson 800i "mobilephone".
about 1,260 for Sony Ericsson 800i "camera phone".
about 409 for Sony Ericsson 800i "video phone
about 30 for Sony Ericsson 800i "videophone"

and so I better drop the last expression videophone

after thought:-
about 31,300 hits for genealoge.
and that could be
genealogy. genealogies. genealogy's. according to the spell checker
(auch: Familienforscher) Genealogen befassen sich mit der Genealogie von Menschen.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

DANMARK Landsdækkende arkivalier

Digitale Kilder

Arkivalier online
Kirkebøger på nettet
Arkivalier online
Folketællinger på nettet
Dansk Demografisk Database
Indtastede Folketællinger
Det Danske Udvandrearkiv
Lister over udvandrede
Indvandrerhistoriske databaser
Database over Dannebrogsmænd
Danske billeder
Historisk billedarkiv
Indeks til
Indeks til kirkebøger
Arkivskabere på Statens Arkiver
Historiske foreninger, selskaber, laug og grupper
Dansk Demografisk Database
Oeders efterretninger 1771

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Genealogy News

Genealogy News - Marriage Records: "here are numerous marriage records available online.

Here are some of the best places to search for and find them along with marriage resources and products. Some of these are free marriage record resources while others charge a fee."

Winterbourne Family History Online

Home Page

The family history research material available on this site is mainly related to the Civil Parish of Winterbourne, South Gloucestershire.

This includes the ecclesiastical parishes of Winterbourne, Winterbourne Down and Frenchay.

Also the hamlets of Watley's End, Hicks Common, Pye Corner, Whiteshill and Hambrook; all within the Civil Parish.

Archives: "by Frenchay Village Museum"

Parish Records

[The first page is inscribed as follows:]

M: James St ff your friend was at my house this day, but you that Mr Thomas Williams of Winterbourne hath given to the church of Winterbourne aforesayd the somme of vis & viiid for a pew or seate in the said church in witness whereof we the parson and Churchwardens subscribed our names.
Per me Richardum Brydges, Clericum, Jhon Middleton, William Bayly, Churchwardens.

M: That Mr Thomas Hopkins of Hambroke within the parish of Winterbourne hath given unto the church of Winterbourne aforesaid the somme of tenn shillings for a pew or seate in the church neere the chancell: in witness whereof we have subscribed our names this ii day of May 1613.
Per me Richardum Brydges, Clericum, Abraham Cox X, John Lyall X, Churchwardens.

M: That we Thomas Williams and John Marshall churchwardens of the parish of Winterbourne have places Mr Thomas Hoptkins of Hambroke in the uppermost seate in the church over against the pullpitt; in regards his former seate stood where the pullpitt now standeth.
Thomas Williams, John X Marshall, Churchwardens.

Memor: that Mr Thomas Symes of Winterbourne hath given unto the church of Winterbourne aforesaid the somme of twenty shillings for a pew or seate, formerly Mr William’s, in the said church: in witness whereof we the churchwardens have subscribed our names this present 25th of January 1656.

can anyone name these navvies on the Badminton line ?
click here to answer to the above site please

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