Thursday, January 18, 2007

Llanvair Kilgeddin

Just found your family tree on Rootsweb and wondererd if you have any connections to my Joseph Watkins born in Llanvair Kilgeddin in 1840 baptised 18/10/1840 son of John Watkins and Elizabeth Johnson
Both his parents were not from Llanvair Kilgeddin but Llagarren Longrove Herefordshire, but i guess must have either known other watkins or had family living there hense having there son Joseph there,
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Hello *****

Without looking at my notes or census first, I need to know occupations and addresses because in societies where patronymics from popular christian names are used, you identify people by nicknames mostly of occupation or address.

For example there may be many Jones Castle Farm, Jones the baker or Jones the post

When the welsh parish register images are on line in 2 or 3 years I hope you will help me transcribe and index them

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