Thursday, January 18, 2007

from my email

every day I read or skim about 400 emails either to me, or on groups I subscribe to and answering publicly some of these, and writing about genealogy itself, is the theme of this blog.

That is in comparison with my MAIN BLOG (so far) GENEALOGE which is my web log of what web sites interest me, I have visited, and of news about changes and developments in the industrial, archival, volunteer and hobby sites of interest to fellow genealogists, and librarians world wide.

Mostly each blog post is a quotation from another web site, or what librarians call an abstract, with a link to enable my readers to find out more for themselves. I try and comply with accepted "fair use" as regards copyright but my citations are not in academic style but links in fact worth gold in web ratings by search engines and the rest.

Because that is my main blog I include personal news and if unwell or off line or breaking my daily posting pattern on Usenet or in a forum or group, I aim to make one post in the main blog from a friend's, a library, an archive or a hospital computer.

My main image blog is photographs and walks which is set up to accept images from my Sony Ericsson 800i videophone / mobile phone directly through the world wide 3G network

3g network - Google Search
3g network worldwide - Google Search

BTW the blogger / google spell checker does not know Ericsson
but suggests Erickson, Ericsson's, Ericson's, Eric's and Erickson's for Ericsson
Ericsson - Google Search: "about 127,000,000 hits"

checking my usages of words:-

about 13,400 for Sony Ericsson 800i "mobile phone"

about 1,430 for Sony Ericsson 800i "mobilephone".
about 1,260 for Sony Ericsson 800i "camera phone".
about 409 for Sony Ericsson 800i "video phone
about 30 for Sony Ericsson 800i "videophone"

and so I better drop the last expression videophone

after thought:-
about 31,300 hits for genealoge.
and that could be
genealogy. genealogies. genealogy's. according to the spell checker
(auch: Familienforscher) Genealogen befassen sich mit der Genealogie von Menschen.

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