Monday, May 28, 2007

Limited free access online to U.S. military war records - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper

Limited free access online to U.S. military war records - The Honolulu Advertiser - Hawaii's Newspaper:
"The military records, which come from the National Archives and Records Administration, can be viewed at no cost until the June 6 anniversary of D-Day., a unit of Provo, Utah-based Inc., spent $3 million to digitize the information as part of its $100 million investment in the Web site, Sullivan said.

'Google's doing a good job of organizing the world's information. We think we're doing a pretty good job of trying to organize the world's family history information,' he said. is the largest subsidiary of closely-held Generations Network, responsible for 760,000 of its 900,000 subscribers and the majority of its $151 million 2006 sales, spokesman Mike Ward said. The Web site, which costs $155.40 a year, allows users to upload personal family documents and map family histories from its 24,000 databases and titles."

Saturday, May 26, 2007


In Your Web:
by Steve, Thursday, May 24, 2007

"So now, is in deep doo doo. They're losing money. They spent a lot of money building stuff that they're users are not using. They have competitors, serious competitors, rising up in the ranks. They're focusing on building their brand, while their competitors are focusing on building market share.

Making things worse, their current marketing genius decided to dump 99% of their massive 30,000 affiliate base, and retain only the top 100 affiliates. So what do you think the rest of the 29,900 affiliates are going to do? They're going to promote's competitors, of course.

The people at TGN are at point where everyone is in it for themselves, looking at the short haul and ignoring the big picture. They're using has a stepping stone for greener pastures, and to fatten up their resumes. There isn't a concern for's core competency, that simple little thing that made it so successful. They've lost sight of what genealogists want, and's rivals, many of which are former people from the old days, are zeroing in for the kill."

Free On was forced offline by The Generations Network, the parent company of

"So, we've taken the site down, because The Generations Network is still the primary source of income on our flagship website, We can't afford to jeopardize that relationship. There just isn't another source of income that can provide us with the funds that requires.

- Steve Johnson, Clear Digital Media, Inc."

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Generations Network Jobs

Generations Network Jobs on

The Generations Network: Marketing Program Manager
We are looking for an outstanding marketer to help manage onsite conversion for, part of The Generations Network. This position is based......
Location: UT - Provo Date Posted: May-04
The Generations Network: Senior Systems Developer
The Generations Network Operations team seeks an experienced Senior Systems Developer to own systems integration projects that involve enterprise......
Location: UT - Provo Date Posted: May-04
Product Manager, MyFamily
Product Manager, MyFamily What's The Generations Network? The Generations Network, Inc., previously, is a global team of hardworking......
Location: WA - Bellevue Date Posted: Apr-27
ASP .NET DEVELOPER What's The Generations Network? The Generations Network, Inc., previously, is a global team of hardworking people......
Location: WA - Bellevue Date Posted: Apr-25
WEB DEVELOPER What's The Generations Network? The Generations Network, Inc., previously, is a global team of hardworking people......
Location: WA - Bellevue Date Posted: Apr-25
Director, Information Systems
Have you been itching to show what you can do with your information systems skills in a large enterprise? Do your peers call your work “wicked” or “......
Location: UT - Provo Date Posted: Apr-17
Senior Manager, Software Development
This person will be responsible for leading a team of developers who are creating the front-end financial software used by all business units at The......
Location: UT - Provo Date Posted: Apr-17

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Personal Access Utah

DearMYRTLE, your friend in genealogy: Personal Access to Now Available at the Family History Library: "We are happy to announce that has found a solution to enable patrons at the Family History Library and Family History Centers to login to Ancestry using their personal accounts. We have been coordinating this deployment closely with representatives from the Family and Church History Department, the Family History Library, and administrative representatives of the Family History Centers.

What we have done...

* We have created a new domain called for the Family History Library and the Family History Centers to use to get access to the collections available to them by contract.
* With this new domain name, patrons at the FHL and local FHCs can login to their own personal accounts using just like they would from home.

Thank you,
Suzanne Russo Adams, AG
Professional Services Desk Manager, part of The Generations Network"

Friday, May 11, 2007

what are they doing?

AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors: Images Removed From My Blog: "After reading that has 'requested' that Michael John Neill remove images of famous people enumerated in the censuses from his blog, I decided I had better do likewise. Last month I started a series of posts entitled 'Ancestors in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census,' with snippets of images of my direct ancestors, along with human interest-type information that I thought would be fun for my readers to know. I also included some of the difficulties I had come up against in searching for these ancestors in that census. I'll continue to keep these posts up and I hope to complete the series, but it will be without the images, I'm afraid. I can find them at HeritageQuest Online, but somehow they download differently than's (haven't figured it out, yet!), and I'm not sure if I'll be violating their terms of use if I use HQ's images on my blog.

This recent issue, along with The Generations Network's insistence that be removed, has not endeared this corporation to my heart lately, nor to many other genealogists as well. I repeatedly see comments from other genea-bloggers such as 'shooting themselves in the foot' or 'cutting off their nose to spite their face.' I wrote quite some time ago about how angry patrons were when the 'new, improved'"