Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cameron's Blog:

Cameron's Blog: A lot can happen in a few months: "The Generations Network is the company that does the website, among others, and is located down in Provo by the Riverwoods shopping district. It sounded good and I applied for the International Marketing Manager position. It was a great opportunity and the first interview went really well. I was invited to the second one and I guess I wowed them enough that they made me an offer. It was the same amount of money I was getting at PowerBlanket, PLUS they gave me a $2,000 signing bonus to help offset the gas and moving expenses. How sweet is that!!!? I love it and am enjoying working here. I almost have a month here and already am working on big projects, etc. Well, I've gabbed enough. Stay tuned for more plans and what's happening. Chao."

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