Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sociaty of Genealogists London

EOS.Web OPAC: "Welcome to SOGCAT, our on-line library catalogue, listing the holdings at our premises in London. The catalogue contains details of everything in the library except the Document Collections.

SOGCAT is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund

Some of our databases are available on the Origins web site. To search other items listed on this catalogue, you must either visit the library or follow the link on the left to our search and copy service.

How to use the catalogue.

Click on the downward pointing triangle to the right of the 'Look for:' box & choose SU (Subject). Type in the first 6 or so letters of the place name, surname etc. in the 'Begins with:' box & click 'Go'. NB For place names beginning North, South etc. enter the second element of the name eg. Cadbury for North Cadbury"

The Society has decided to upgrade the web server service provided by
NetBenefit to take advantage of better support and to prepare for
additional features planned for 2008. This will mean that on 2/3
January 2008 the Society's website ( may not operate
as usual for about 24 hours.

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